Suppy Chain Consulting Excellence

´╗┐We at IGC Logistics Group Inc. are dedicated to assist companies achieve Supply Chain and Logistics excellence. Our team of consulting professionals works closely with all facets of your Supply Chain needs.

Product specific, location specific, customer specific, third party services, regardless of what your logistics strategy calls for, IGC can help you identify the most cost effective distribution methodology for your business.

Whether your needs require a conventional warehouse or a sophisticated distribution center, a Greenfield or existing facility, IGC has the logistics expertise to help you arrive at the right solution.

As purchased goods and services account for more than 60 percent of the cost of goods sold, procurement is an integral pare of achieving operational performance excellence. IGC has the expertise to assist your organization in unleashing the potential of effective purchasing management and realizing its value added within the supply chain.

IGC has the experience with, and understanding of, the many differences, strengths and weaknesses of today's Supply Chain Technology choices.  Our knowledge and approach enables unbiased, rapid and accurate solutions to our client's Supply Chain Technology needs.